Consumer Protection Litigation

Essential to our practice here at the Greenbaum Law Firm is consumer protection in all forms. Daniel N. Greenbaum, lead counsel, has an inner sense of justice and morality that goes beyond sending a public notice or filing a lawsuit. Those simple act… Read More

Personal Injury

When you have experienced a personal injury (of any kind), you don’t have time to waste filling out forms and making phone calls. You need to focus on healing, not arguing with insurance adjusters. Let our experienced personal injury team find you… Read More

Commercial Collections

Commercial debt collection focuses on rapid resolution with definite results. The Greenbaum Law Firm offers fast turnaround and an aggressive stance toward filing suit to achieve results for our collection clients. Moreover, we prioritize staying in… Read More

Civil Litigation

The legal system isn’t just unless it is just for everyone. At the Greenbaum Law Firm, we are committed to helping California residents achieve justice through the courts. In addition to consumer protection, personal injury, and commercial collecti… Read More

Bad Faith Insurance Claims

Life is unpredictable. Bad things can happen at any time, and that is why insurance exists. You pay insurance premiums so that you don’t have to worry about whether you and your family will be okay when something bad happens. Unfortunately, insuran… Read More