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Bad Faith Insurance Claims

Bad Faith Insurance Claims

Life is unpredictable. Bad things can happen at any time, and that is why insurance exists. You pay insurance premiums so that you don’t have to worry about whether you and your family will be okay when something bad happens.

Unfortunately, insurance companies do not see things that way: they see your insurance premiums as investment capital that they want to hold onto for as long as possible in order to grow your investment for their benefit. They do this by delaying your claims process, denying a proper claim (or offering far less money than what is due), and by vigorously defending lawsuits by their own policyholders to try to discourage you and other policyholders from pursuing the monies you are owed.

Originally, a claims department’s purpose was to evaluate your claim, determine the value of your loss, and to pay out the money as soon as possible to “be a good neighbor,” as it were. However, since the 1990s, the claims centers at ALL insurance companies have changed their priority to maximizing the company’s profits. They do this by delaying the claims process, denying your valid claim, and defending any lawsuits you bring.

Fighting Back Against Bad Faith Denials and Delays

That is where we come in. The Greenbaum Law Firm will hold your insurance company’s feet to the fire. Not only will we bring suit to force them to pay the money owed on your valid insurance claim, but we will force them to pay for any pain and suffering you have experienced because of their failure to pay your claim. Furthermore, we will seek punitive damages: a monetary award several times the amount you are owed to punish your insurer for their bad behavior.

If you have made a valid claim to your insurance company, and they have continued to delay the process or deny your claim without any reason, we urge you to reach out to the Greenbaum Law Firm.