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Personal Injury

Personal Injury

When you have experienced a personal injury (of any kind), you don’t have time to waste filling out forms and making phone calls. You need to focus on healing, not arguing with insurance adjusters.

Let our experienced personal injury team find you real-time resolutions for your case. As experts, we can help you put your life back together after a traumatic personal injury. There are serious consequences of these potential tragedies. They can affect your long-term earning ability, your ability to live independently, and your ability to function independently. Without the monetary resources to compensate you for your loss, your future quality of life could be endangered.

At the Greenbaum Law Firm, we care about your well being. We work hard to get you the right medical treatment, palliative care, and support your need to heal and thrive after a personal injury incident. We monitor your insurance company to ensure they address all your needs, not just their bottom line. Whether your case goes to trial, or we settle beforehand, our sole focus is on achieving your best possible outcome, not ours.

Experienced California Personal Injury Attorney

We understand there are many lawyers in the Los Angeles area, and it can be difficult to figure out who will be right for you and your family. We also understand that many people just want to try to move past their injury, and do not consider themselves to be the “litigious type.”

Unfortunately, a personal injury may change everything in your life. Suddenly, you are transformed from a hard-working person to a seriously ill patient, unable to work, unable to engage socially, unable to care for yourself…even unable to enjoy the simple pleasures of life that you once did. Then the bills start to pile up. The doctors are suggesting further medical treatments, and while the list price seems too high to bear, you and your family desperately want a “normal life” again.

Your life does not have to fall apart after a personal injury incident. Our firm will always offer straight talk from an experienced attorney who can help you get your life back after an auto accident, a traumatic slip and fall, toxic exposure, incident of products liability, or other injury.

You don’t need to be afraid of filing a lawsuit against a big insurance company. But, after you experience such an injury, the insurance you may have taken for granted may be in jeopardy, or you may find yourself having to fight for, or explain medical treatments recommended by your personal physician over the phone to an insurance agent. You should not have to fight for your right to recover.

A qualified, experienced legal team can change the outcome of your case. An experienced attorney will fight for and receive the compensation you need and deserve. We understand how insurance companies work, and the information they sometimes need to see before they fully compensate you for a claim.

We are often able to secure a favorable settlement without a trial, but we are willing and able to try your case if needed. Our simple goal is to receive the best possible result for you. If you have been injured, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Greenbaum Law Firm for a free initial consultation.