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Commercial Collections

Commercial Collections

Commercial debt collection focuses on rapid resolution with definite results. The Greenbaum Law Firm offers fast turnaround and an aggressive stance toward filing suit to achieve results for our collection clients. Moreover, we prioritize staying in contact with our clients, and keeping them updated on how each claim is proceeding. As with everything, clear and direct communication is key to collections.

Filing a lawsuit is only the beginning. As with any civil litigation, a large portion of debtor business defendants view the commencement of formal proceedings as an opportunity to stall for months, if not years. In order to avoid such tactics, we prepare in advance.

Proper preparation and tactics ensure that we often catch the debtors unprepared for litigation. As a result, we are often able to have default judgment entered against them quickly and begin post-judgment collection efforts in earnest. If a debtor attempts to stonewall the litigation, then we are prepared to immediately file a Writ of Attachment, which will be highly disruptive (and embarrassing) to the debtor and their business, and provide much needed leverage to bring them to the table.

Experienced California Commercial Debt Collections Attorney

At the Greenbaum Law Firm, we understand that a business’s ability to ensure prompt payment for goods and services is essential to its survival. We work with California businesses to collect the payments they are rightfully owed and allow them to focus on the success of their business. If you need assistance with commercial collections, we encourage you to reach out to the Greenbaum Law Firm to schedule a consultation.